Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Parenting Tips and Tricks
September 16th 730pm

Parenting Tips and Tricks is meant for all the sisters in the ward who are interested in strengthening the rising generation as well as our relationships with them. Come enjoy the company of your sisters, give and get tips on parenting, grandmothering, primary teaching, aunting, etc... This week we are discussing the handout from last month which was an article discussing the proclamation to the family and scholarly research, (let me know if you want a copy)
We are also going to be discussing ways to get your kids laughing and keeping the atmosphere lighthearted. We are all going to learn from each other so come with ideas on how to be silly, and have fun. For example: funny movies to watch as a family, fun holidays to celebrate, ways to get teenagers to laugh with you, friendly jokes, etc...
Oh and don't forget to check out our blog! It's still a work in progress but over time it will be a great resource for parenting, (grandmohtering, primary teaching, and aunting...)!

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